The MikaSolv coaching card deck

What’s on the cards?

The cards feature the 60 problem-solving principles of this problem-solving method in both German and English. Each card also indicates which group the mentioned principle belongs to: Does it amplify, build, or support something? Does it weaken, hinder, or prevent something? Or does it, for whatever purpose, initially change the setup? Additionally, there are some extra cards that provide information on supplementary materials and how to work with the categorization groups.

How are the cards used?

In the face of the given problem, the method expert first sorts the cards into potentially applicable and likely non-applicable ones. Then, the method expert goes through the potentially applicable cards one by one with the problem expert, formulating coaching questions based on the abstract solution principles. These questions aim to generate creative and highly applicable solution ideas for the problem expert.

What’s included and what does the set consist of?

The set consists of 64 cards packaged in an attractive cardboard box. Additional materials, namely detailed explanations and examples of each solution principle (which couldn’t fit on the individual cards), can be found on this website.

This card deck was printed in Germany. It was designed in Austria through close collaboration between a skilled graphic designer in Vorarlberg, near Lake Constance, and the method developer in Lower Austria, 30 kilometers northwest of Vienna.


Experience has shown that these cards can be successfully used alone, in pairs, or in a group setting. The principles are formulated in an abstract manner. To apply them in a specific problem case, method experts connect them to the concrete problem through carefully formulated coaching questions.

Price and how to order

Currently I do not offer the cards through Amazon yet. If you want to buy a deck, then write me an e-mail with your postal address, to which I may send the cards. I currently offer the cards at an introductory price of EUR 47,- (plus VAT if applicable) per deck.