Problem Solving for Professionals

This book describes the MikaSolv method step by step, precisely, and with numerous practical examples and exemplary coaching questions. I have written this book in such a way that anyone who wants to learn the method can achieve that with this book and a little practice.

How does the described approach differ from the problem-solving we engage in during our business routine?
In my book, I present a unique problem-solving approach that differs from the typical approaches used in everyday business life. One of the main differences is the clear separation of roles between the method expert and the person who has the problem or knows the most about it (problem expert). This allows for a more objective and unbiased approach to problem-solving.

Another key feature of the approach is the use of a 5-step process that guides us to a confirmed core problem. This core problem is the basis for the rest of the problem-solving process, and it is always seen in relation to the underlying goal that the person has. This ensures that the problem-solving process is aligned with the person’s desired outcome.

To further support the problem-solving process, my book includes a catalog of 60 proven and well-described abstract solutions. These solutions can be applied to a wide range of problems and help to jumpstart the creative problem-solving process.

Finally, the approach involves the use of solution-provoking coaching questions that are posed to the problem expert. These questions help to put the expert in an ideal position to come up with creative and effective solution ideas. By following this approach, you can improve their problem-solving skills and achieve better results.

Who is this book for?

My book is aimed at individuals who are frequently involved in discussions regarding complex problems and challenges in their personal or professional lives. This includes coaches who assist their clients in navigating difficult situations, consultants who aid businesses in overcoming complex challenges, and professionals in the workplace who regularly discuss problems and challenges with managers, colleagues, and clients.

The approach presented in my book provides practical tools and strategies for effectively breaking down complex problems into more manageable parts, enabling individuals to identify and implement effective solutions. By following the principles outlined in the book, individuals can enhance their problem-solving skills and ultimately improve their ability to overcome even the most challenging obstacles.

The main sections include

  • The fundamental basics of problem-solving as I see them.
  • General information about the MikaSolv method.
  • A five-step guide on finding the core problem.
  • An instruction on how to find suitable solutions using the 60 principles.
  • An appendix with a detailed explanation of the 60 principles.

Key Details

130 pages in length.
Interior printing in black and white, color cover.
11 figures (charts) and 8 tables.
Published on July 15, 2022.