Top coaching card decks for your coaching sessions, and workshops

Business coaching: a coaching card deck in practice

Why coaching card decks are valuable for your Coaching, Meetings and Workshops

For many types of coaching sessions, but also for workshops, certain meetings and self-coaching, it makes perfect sense to use coaching cards. That is because they

  • give coach and coachee, or the meeting and workshop participants, new ideas,
  • provide a process and framework, and
  • simply offer an original touch and a breath of fresh air.

The best coaching card deck for your needs

There are many different coaching cards, and it is important to find the tool that really suits your own coaching session or planned workshop. Namely, one that supports the set goal and suits the people involved. I hope that this page can be a good help in finding the right tool for you!

A word on the price info: For each article on this page, you will find a price info. These refer to, are in US dollars and do not include shipping costs or similar fees. They are fairly accurate at the time of writing, although not to the penny. However, it is conceivable that the price of individual items may change significantly on Amazon, and we have not yet taken this change into account on this page.

A coaching card deck for finding creative, effective solutions

You want to discuss and solve problems in coaching sessions and workshops? You are looking for a systematic, effective approach? There’s a deck of cards for that 😉 You can find more information on this page within this website.


Q Cards by Little Leaps Press

In a nutshell
Unlock breakthroughs with 50 expertly crafted coaching card deck, guided by Bill Treasurer’s courage-building expertise, perfect for transformative sessions.

For whom is it?
Business facilitators, life coaches, leadership consultants and executive coaches

Price is 35,-

Purpose of Cards
Professionally crafted cards designed for business facilitators, life coaches, leadership consultants, and executive coaches.
Aim to facilitate breakthroughs in clients by posing thoughtful questions.

Product Details
50 expertly-crafted question cards available for coaching sessions.
Martini Method and Instruction overview cards provide a quick orientation to the coaching process.

Starter Questions
Q Card Starter Questions set the tone for coaching sessions and ease into conversation.

Session Flow
Goal, Discover, Evaluate, Decide, and Action Questions guide the coachee through the coaching session.

Problem Resolution
Thought Shift, Challenge, and Prompt Questions provided to address situations where the coachee is stuck in responding to a question.

Who created it?
Bill Treasurer is the founder of Giant Leap Consulting.
Author of five books on courage and leadership, including the international bestseller “Courage Goes to Work.”




In a In a nutshell
A playful journey with 35 action cards, draws inspiration from Japanese Ikigai. This coaching card deck will guide you toward happiness, purpose, and self-discovery.

Price is under 15,-

Ikigain Concept
Playful activity aimed at gaining happiness, satisfaction, and fulfillment.
Ikigai is a Japanese concept denoting one’s ‘reason for being’ – “Iki” means ‘life,’ and “gai” signifies value or worth.

Life Purpose
Ikigai represents life purpose or bliss, bringing joy and motivation to wake up every day.

Product Features
Inspired by the Japanese perception of ikigai, helping users discover their life purpose and sources of joy.
Ikigai cards facilitate a spiritual journey with 35 action cards for inspiration.

Encourages self-discovery, urging users to find their reason for waking up and living each day.
Serves as a tool for personal growth, making it a thoughtful gift for friends or an icebreaker at work.

Ikigai cards may not explicitly reveal the reason for living but lead users closer to discovering it. Understand that this is a great tool, but definitive answers will have to come from you.



In a In a nutshell
Unlock vibrant conversations and self-discovery with these versatile cards, categorized for emotional balance, mindfulness, and compassionate living discussions.

Price is 16,-

This coaching card deck is applicable at home, in classrooms, or clinical practices. The cards are designed to stimulate thinking and conversation about individual identity, preferences, and interaction with the world. Try it out!

Categorized Deck
Divided into four categories: Connect, Gratitude, Compassion, and Insight.

Purpose of Categories
Each category targets specific skills and life aspects.
All questions share the primary purpose of encouraging reflection, discussion, and understanding of emotional balance and mindful living.

Overall Objective
Aim to foster thoughtful dialogue about fundamental aspects of living in an emotionally balanced, mindful, and compassionate manner. Because good Questions make personal experiences come to life.


Live your values

In a nutshell
Discover and live your core values with this card deck, featuring vibrant illustrations by artist Lisa Congdon.

For whom is it?

Suitable for coaches, therapists,  and counselors; adaptable to various therapy practices. Recommended for adults and teens facing major life decisions or seeking mindfulness tools. Perfect for fans of Lisa Congdon’s art and previous books. (Ideal, they say, for readers of popular psychology books like “Atlas of the Heart” by Brené Brown and “You’re Invited” by Jon Levy.)

Price is 18,-

Transformational Impact
Making core values a guiding force can enhance compassion, boost confidence, and foster intimacy in relationships.
Re-centering, reconnecting, and realigning with values offer guidance through life’s new chapters and milestones.

Deck Details

  • 78-card deck and accompanying booklet provide practical tools.
  • Offers a step-by-step process, from identifying core values to integrating them into daily life.

Lisa Congdon’s Art: Vibrant illustrations by beloved artist Lisa Congdon bring insights, inspiration, and activities to life.

Expert Guidance
Co-authored by Lisa Congdon and Andreea Niculescu, providing insightful instructions, coaching, and tips.
Offers mindful advice for rediscovering and connecting core values to daily life.

Versatility: Use as therapy cards or turn it into a game for practical mindfulness routines.

Practical Approach
Engaging alternative to self-help books.
Provides a fun, hands-on method to identify core principles and apply them in daily life.


Values Cards

In a nutshell
Our values are precious, guiding our beliefs and actions. Values Cards aid individuals, teams, and organizations in exploring and aligning core values.


Values as Internal Compass
Values serve as an internal compass for what is considered good, right, and important. Like a compass, they keep individuals, couples, teams, and organizations on course.

Importance of Alignment
Aligning lives with values leads to greater happiness, contentment, and achievement. Shared values at the team or organizational level keep members focused on outcomes.

Influence on Behavior
Values influence attitudes and behavior, guiding approaches to life and relationships. They inform decision-making in daily choices, affecting reactions and interactions.

Impact of Compromised Values
Compromised values due to circumstances lead to discomfort and may cause stress, anxiety, and depression. Struggling to align actions with values consistently can be emotionally challenging.

Values Cards Purpose
Assist in exploring what is important in life, relationships, or work for individuals, couples, teams, and organizations. 53 carefully chosen values on laminated cards with 3 blanks for individual interpretation. The Values Cards Instruction Book offers activities for self-exploration, therapy, team/organization vision development, and classroom use.

The Values Cards have been tested in various settings to ensure effectiveness! The deliberately open words allow broad interpretation. This makes the set especially user-friendly.

Practical Details
Each pack includes 56 laminated cards with rounded corners (53 Values cards + 3 blank cards). 8-page fold-out information sheet with a Special Passkey for free downloads. Sturdy 2-piece laminated box for durability.

A coaching card deck for finding creative, effective solutions

You want to discuss and solve problems in coaching sessions and workshops? You are looking for a systematic, effective approach? There’s a deck of cards for that 😉 You can find more information on this page within this website.


Reflection Cards

In a nutshell
Holstee Reflection Cards: Elevate every interaction with 100+ vibrant, themed questions, fostering profound connections and sparking unforgettable conversations.

Price is 23,-

What you can do with these cards

  • Spark meaningful conversations and deepen relationships in a fun way.
  • Encourage memorable, self-discovery conversations with friends, family, co-workers, and partners.
  • Designed to unveil forgotten memories and explore the unique stories of those around you.
  • Each deck contains 100+ thought-provoking questions focused on themes like Adventure, Creativity, and Resilience.
  • Unique, abstract card designs represent personal adventures, stories, and ideas.
  • Color-coded cards for guided conversations or self-reflection.
  • Gameplay suggestions provided for easy use.
    Questions meticulously chosen based on their potential to inspire stories, emotions, and connectedness.
  • Every card includes both a light icebreaker and a deeper question for meaningful discussions.
  • It’s a versatile addition to gatherings: dinner parties, road trips, family events, co-worker interactions, or partner connections. Also, ideal for journaling, offering writing prompts for deeper introspection and self-discovery.

MBM 80 Coaching Cards

In a nutshell
Transform with GROW Coaching Cards: Elevate performance, tackle challenges, and become your best self with 80 comprehensive cards for success.

For whom is it?
Suitable for individuals aiming for solutions, enhanced performance, and better results, whether personal or team-oriented; Ideal for managers seeking daily improvement.

Price is 25,-

What you need to know

  • GROW Coaching Cards provide instant access to coaching skills, aiding personal and team performance enhancement.
  • Facilitates asking challenging questions, elevating coaching beyond basic sessions, and tackling deeper problems and larger challenges.

Who Benefits

  • Tailored for people managers, leaders, beginner work coaches, and qualified coaches.
  • Suited for individuals aspiring to be their best selves.
  • Offers an immediate, user-friendly application of the GROW coaching model for tangible results and progress.

Key Features

  • Comprehensive pack includes 80 coaching cards and additional support cards.
  • Organized into the 4 stages of the GROW model: Goal, Reality, Options, and Way Forward.
  • Empowers individuals to embark on their coaching journey and become the best version of themselves.

metaFox' What Really Matters!

In a nutshell
Discover and prioritize what matters most to you or your clients – inspired by S. H. Schwartz’s research on human values

Published in July 2022

Price is 50,-

Discover and Sort Your Values
Set of 80 values cards to uncover guiding forces behind attitudes and behaviors.
Facilitates understanding of main motivations by sorting out most important values.

Love People Better

  • Enhance empathy by apprising others’ values.
  • Learn to appreciate and respect diverse values.

Develop Deep Understanding: Helps individuals understand values and beliefs influencing thoughts and actions.

Engage Your Team Building

  • Ideal for workshops and team-building to foster connection and tolerance.
  • Encourages acceptance of diversity in group values.

Inspired by Schwartz’s Research

  • Based on Shalom H. Schwartz’s well-established research on human values.
  • Rooted in black’s theory of basic human values.

Metafox Support
Contact Metafox at (German) or (other languages). Inquiries and messages welcome on the website:

Development Cooperation
Developed in cooperation with Jennifer Catindig, a product developer with a decade of cross-cultural experience.

Special Features

  • Based on Schwartz Theory of Human Values.
  • Visual and colorful design with icons for positive impact.
  • Functions as a values dictionary with descriptions on the reverse side.

Application: Ideal for one-on-one sessions in coaching, workshops, and therapy.


EQ Coach Cards

In a nutshell
Elevate your emotional intelligence with 64 powerful cards, inspired by leading experts, designed for transformative reflection and effective personal development.


Tune into Emotional Intelligence
Utilize a beautiful and insightful tool to enhance emotional intelligence.
Capture the wisdom of leading EQ experts with these compelling questions for professional and personal transformation.

Comprehensive Set
Includes a 32-page instruction booklet and 64 cards structured around the Six Seconds Model of Emotional Intelligence.

Guided Reflection
EQ Coach Cards facilitate reflection for more effective action in both professional and personal contexts.

This set is ideal for discussing experiences – and processing what happened during a training.

Structured Design
Divided into eight “suits” aligned with the Six Seconds Model of Emotional Intelligence.